Mike is aware that clients need to have a clear and straightforward explanation of their legal circumstances.  Mike takes the time to translate complex legal jargon into everyday language so his clients can make informed decisions about how to best proceed with their cases.  

With his considerable knowledge of the law and a no-nonsense approach to solving difficult legal issues, Mike has earned the respect and esteem of his peers in the legal community.  Let Mike put his skill, experience and expertise to use in helping you find a swift and cost-effective resolution to your legal problems.  

If you are confronted by a Felony, Misdemeanor or DWI charge, or Traffic Violations that could put points on your driver’s license and raise you insurance rates—it would be a wise choice to contact the Michael S. Allen Law Office at: 315. 420.4010 and speak to a Syracuse attorney who understands his clients’ needs and is dedicated to getting the results his clients expect.